We have an experienced and knowledgeable engineering team with specializations in RF, SHF, UHF, power, high voltage, high temperature and other custom applications.

Vanguard Engineering can take your parameters or concept to create the most optimal design for your application considering reliability, manufacturability, performance and cost.

Vanguard understands resources are limited. Let Vanguard create the SCD for you.

Vanguard Electronics Design Capabilities

Custom Leadframe Design & Etching

Transfer molding can accommodate the use of a leadframe design, which in itself enhances the integrity of the mechanical design of the product. Using a leadframe approach improves the co-planarity of the package significantly and allows for a more secure bond from the coil to the internal leadframe connecting to the exposed leads.

Vanguard supports further customization to the leadframe process as it has brought leadframe etching capabilities in-house. Having both leadframe construction and lead frame design capabilities allows for the end-user to maximize customization to bring their design to life.

Custom Leadframe Design
& Etching

Custom Tooling

  • With full service machine shops in Huntington Beach and Mexicali, Mexico, Vanguard has established extensive capabilities in creating custom tooling and fixtures for use on standard & custom inductors and transformers.
  • Vanguard is capable of tooling a variety of heavy duty materials (ex: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, etc.) for a variety of applications including :
    • Assembly Fixtures
    • Potting Cavities
    • Molding Cavities
    • Winding Mandrels
    • Inspection Fixtures
    • Forming/Trimming Dies
Custom Tooling

Iron Powder Cores

Vanguard Electronics manufactures its own iron powder cores to be able to provide a solution to any customer application by achieving a wide range of desired permeabilities and dimensions in a variety of shapes and sizes.Vanguard produces various types of cores for its products:
  • Bobbins
  • Coil Forms
  • Toroids
  • Rods
Precision formulation yields consistent production for thermal stability, higher “Q” material, and tighter electrical & mechanical tolerances.
Iron Powder Cores

Custom Winding

Custom Winding Design Capabilities Automated Winding Machines Custom Winding Machines
Vanguard has invested into a wide range of automated and manual winding machines and hand-winding skill sets to accommodate customized winding options with different tolerance levels and wire sizes varying from 0 AWG to 55 AWG:
  • Manual & Machine-wound options on bobbins, toroids, ceramic cores, solenoids and more
  • Sector Wound
  • Evenly Distributed
  • Progressive Multifilar
  • Foil Wound
  • Layer Wound

Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Vanguard Electronics designs and manufactures hundreds of custom parts every year. The company understands the importance of accelerated and cost effective prototypes and quick production turn-around. The utilization of CNC capabilities helps take a design concept from paper and bring it to life quickly and efficiently. It offers high part-to-part consistency for small or large quantities and accuracy to support extremely tight tolerances. Custom fabrication allows Vanguard flexibility in meeting customer requirements ranging from machining a simple case & header for a custom prototype to fabricating intricate assemblies for a large production order.

  • Customized headers, sleeve, case and shell fabrication
  • Dimensional tolerances to .001”
  • Wide selection of materials and flammability ratings
  • Mounting options include leads, inserts, brackets, others
  • Heat transfer mounting plates available
  • SMT, Gullwing or Thru-Hole, choice of terminations and finishes

Transfer Molding

Transfer Molding Designs Transfer Molding Transfer Molding

Vanguard’s transfer molding process has been perfected over decades of experience in encapsulating high reliability inductors and transformers. Transfer molding provides a consistent way to encapsulate products. Vanguard designs and machines molding cavities to house the assembled units, then molding compound is injected into the cavities encapsulating the assembly. This process is a more consistent alternative to manually potting, which ensures reliability through repeatability and maintaining tighter tolerances on electrical and mechanical characteristics of the part.

Electrical Testing
Mechanical Screening

Electrical Testing Mechanical Screening Electrical Testing Modern Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment is in-house and ready to test all types of products for Corona testing, DCR, DWV, Inductance, Impedance, SRF, S-Parameters, Turns Ratio, Polarity, Common Mode Rejection, Oscilloscope Analysis and other requirements for inductors and transformers. Testing capabilities range from frequencies of 1 Hz up to as high as 6 GHz and applied-voltages up to 50kV DC/AC.

Vanguard has fully developed AS9100 and ISO 9001 approved procedures for necessary equipment to meet all military and space standards for electrical testing and mechanical inspections.

Advanced Environmental Lab

Vanguard Electronics not only designs and manufactures high reliability inductors and transformers, but has also established an advanced environmental laboratory that is authorized by the Defense Logistics Agency to perform qualification and other required testing. All testing is completed on-site at Vanguard facilities to meet the most stringent program requirements – MIL-PRF-27 (Grades 4, 5 & 6), MIL-STD-981 (Class S & Class B), NASA EEE-INST-002, etc.
  • Partial Discharge Detection System to perform Corona testing for High-Voltage Applications
  • Thermal Shock & Cycling
  • Life Testing (load/no load)
  • Mechanical Shock & Vibration Real Time X-Ray
  • Corona Testing for High-Voltage Applications (should be stated in electrical screening segment)
  • Pressurized Vacuum Chambers & Ovens
Inductors and Transformers Advanced Environmental Lab
Advanced Environmental LaboratoryInductors and Transformers Testing Lab


Controlled-Environment Tests Inductors and Transformers Tests Room Vanguard Electronics Professional Engineers
Vanguard takes the next step in securing the performance of parts by maintaining a cleanroom for its customers. Procuring this dedicated area allows Vanguard to provide a higher level of component manufacturing and controlled-environment testing
  • Suited to test parts accurately up to 6 GHz in a stable environment
  • Offers maximum control for performing failure-analysis
  • Designed & built to handle the production and testing of sensitive products for any industry (easily upgradable up to Class ISO 7 upon customer request)
  • Specialized for material-handling and inspection of parts to medical and space grade standards/certifications:
    • MIL-STD-981
    • ISO 13485

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